Education and Hiding the Mess

We have a shelf when you first walk in our house. It was purchased for us when  we first got married by my parents. They bought us a microwave to go on it as well. When we bought our house there is a built in microwave shelf in the kitchen so we transformed it to a phone area and storage. When Adam came along and wanted a hamster it’s now his home and a gathering place for stuff.

No matter how much I try to organize it more stuff arrives on it. I can move everything and by the end of the night different things have found its way there.

It has been on my to do list forever to clean up. Recently we have been sticking word cards on the glass part to help Adam learn to read and get us in a routine for educating and learning through the summer.

It looked like this.


As I was sitting and thinking I should clean it up I had an idea. 

Now in reality it would have probably been much easier to clean  up the mess but that wasn’t as much fun as crafting!

I decided to transform it into a little education area.


Some scrapbooking supplies and glue and a great excuse to procrastinate on my homework resulted in an awesome little area.

The paper is on the back side of the glass and is very easy to change as Adam grows up or if we have to focus on other things.

The word of the day area I used photo holders in the bottom two corners so the cards can be easily changed daily or every few days. The other awesome part is you can use a dry erase marker on the glass to write your own words so you don’t necessarily have to use cards.


And the best part is the mess is hidden. I will probably clean it eventually but for now you’d never know the disaster behind it.

This was a few hours to complete but most of that was waiting for the Cricut to cut my letters.

Adam loves it as well. He helped choose the colours for the art and thought it was cool that the machine could cut Elmo.

Hopefully it will keep him engaged through the summer because he’s done so awesome this school year.


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