The First of June

It’s the first of June and the last month of school.

How is it June already? Wasn’t it just yesterday I was crying because my baby was starting school?

The school year has gone by so fast. There are still 3 weeks left but I know these 3 weeks will fly by. I am happy and sad all at the same time. Adam loves school, I know he is going to miss it. He has said that he doesn’t want a break. But I get my Adam back for a while. We get to spend hours at the park and splash pad, go on random adventures or just laze around the house.

The school year has changed Adam. He has matured so much, even physically he’s not the same. He’s so much smarter, he’s absorbed everything like a sponge. We can sit and he can read some of the books, he can do math and he’s starting to draw the best pictures.

School has been awesome for him, but I know the break will be too. At least come September it won’t be hard to convince him to return to school and for me it won’t nearly be as hard as the first one was.


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