Teacher Appreciation

It’s that time of year that brings up some great debates. The end of the school year. It’s at this point that people start debating do you buy a gift at the end of the year to show your appreciation to the teachers.

Some debate that they are getting paid for a job and there is no reason to buy a gift, other say that they don’t get paid enough.

I say it depends on the year and how the teachers were through the year.

I believe if the teacher was not a good teacher don’t show appreciation. If you truly feel the teacher went over and above then at least just send a thank you note to recognize how they impacted your child. If teaching was easy then everyone would be doing it.

There is also the question of who do you buy gifts for. Adam has 6 different teachers so do we buy something for everyone or do we purchase for a select few?

We have decided to buy for 3 of his teachers. His classroom has his primary teacher and an early childhood educator (who is just as important as the primary teacher in my eyes) and his gym teacher. Adam just adores this gentleman and he is the only other teacher Adam comes home and rambles on about.

For the gym teacher we are going to purchase a Tim Horton’s gift card for. It’s an easy gift and you can’t go wrong with.

For his “homeroom” teachers I set out today with a budget of $25 each including taxes to come up with an awesome gift.

In the car on the way to the mall I received an email from Bath and Body Works. Their semi-annual sale started. It gave me an idea for a gift.

Most ladies like a nice body wash or hand soap. If I can hit a sale why not!

I actually started to buy things just after Christmas and have a little stock pile of gifts and items for future years. It’s always handy to have things around for last minute gifts for housewarming or hostess gifts.

At the mall, the sale was amazing. I went a little crazy and was able to put together a nice gift but also got some great buys for myself.


I picked up for each of them a body wash and lotion, two hand soaps as well as a hand soap holder and a hand sanitizer.

The Christmas decoration I picked up on boxing week at 50% off. I was holding them and not sure what to do with them because it had the year 2014 on the box.

With a stop at the dollar store for some cute baskets and clear basket wrap we ended up with this.

All of the bath products went into the basket and I used the decoration as an embellishment on the gift.

Each gift ended with a cost of $22.44 after tax. (19.86 + 13% tax) All of the items from Bath and Body Works cost $12.36 (regular cost of the items were $52.50) The decoration was 50% in January (regular was $12.99) and the basket for a dollar.

I came in under budget and ended up with a fantastic gift. Here is just one idea for your teacher appreciation gift if you would like to do one. You can hop on the Internet and find a million other ideas as well.

The Bath and Body Works sale is going on all week if you want to take advantage of some awesome prices or get some early Christmas shopping done.

Whatever you decide to do if you do, it will be appreciated by the teacher.


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