TD Summer Reading Club

One of the major financial institutions, TD had teamed up with libraries to sponsor the summer reading club.

As much as I often grumble about my expensive bank fees with them I will give credit to TD for being so active in communities. They have a host of programs that give back and enrich the community and that is one of the reasons why I continue to be a customer.

The librarian visited the schools to talk to the kids about how they can participate and how much fun reading can be through the summer.

Last week I took Adam in so he could sign up. He was so excited to get his little package which included a book of activities you can do and a stamp card to take back into the library. When you go into the library there are draws you can enter into as well as free rewards for reading and being active through the summer.

I’ve also set up a binder at home for Adam to do book reports. This was something he loved at school and was always so pleased when he brought one home.

His report from last night –


Adam says he thinks he can read 100 book this summer. I said that was a great goal and with him highly achievable.

Today we are taking our first trip back to the library to get some new books and to get his card stamped.

I enjoyed reading as a child, but then lost interest and rediscovered it as an adult as you can tell by my book reviews.

I want to create a passion with Adam that won’t die out. It’s a very important thing to do and can be so enjoyable!

Thank you TD for providing incentives and working with libraries to make this program accessible to everyone. And thank you to the librarians running the program. You are an important key to my child’s education. You can get just as excited over books as he can and you can always recommend one that Mommy has never heard of.

You can still sign up for the summer reading program at locations through Canada. It continues into the first week of September.

You can also visit their website
TD Summer Reading Club for more details and ideas to help with your summer reading adventures.


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