The Weekend Got Worse

If Adam wasn’t having a hard enough weekend. It got worse for him before it got better. As you read yesterday Adam had the joy of getting stitches.  He was having a rough morning as is. He didn’t get to bed until midnight after being at the hospital. He didn’t sleep well and he woke up crying because his stitches were bothering him.

To add to the wonderful weekend he was having we went upstairs to get dressed and feed “ish” and there he was dead.


This is a picture of “ish” about a month ago. This was Adam’s first pet of his own. The tank is in his room on a shelf and we used it as a night light. It’s always on and you can see it from anywhere in the room. In all fairness “ish” was over 3 years old which is a very long time for a Beta Fish.

Adam and I had a discussion about him dying earlier in the week because it was apparent he wasn’t doing well the past few weeks. He took it pretty well. We had a very good cry as we flushed him, and a good cry after. But I said we would go out right away and get him a new fish.

In the car we were discussing what we could call him, I suggested stitch which Adam did not find amusing at all. But he came up with a great name. Frankenstein. I’m not sure if this was inspired by his stitches but I liked it. I also said he could pick out something new for his tank as well. New fish, new decor. It was a plan.


This is the final result. I am a little concerned it will be a little scary in the middle of the night, and it honestly made me jump last night when I went in to feed him.

But most important ADAM LOVES IT! It is very bright and it looks really cool with the colour of the fish and stones against the black shelf.

Thankfully after this ordeal things got much better. We went to Nana & Poppa John’s for a swim and BBQ and Adam got to have a sleep over with them. Adam seemed to have forgotten about the stitches, and forgotten about his dead fish.

It was a weekend of life lessons, unfortunately he had to learn a few all at once.


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