Out Came The Stitches

This week has been rough. Adam has been not himself and miserable.

It’s funny how two microscopic stitches in a 4 year old can throw off pretty much everything.

He was moody and testy. He was self concious and thought everyone was laughing at him and his stitches.

He was very cuddly and wanted to spend his time inside.

This morning he was excited to go to the hospital and get them out. You could tell there was some fear but he wanted those things out since day one.

When we got there the nurse was impressed with how well the stitches were done.  We waited just a short time and was called in.

My stomach got queezy because they put us into a real emergency room.  The one with the big clock ticking and the huge light. The one you walk into and know very serious injuries have been treated and even the worse has happened. I still have some anxiety from my c-section and I don’t quite handle rooms like that well.

In the end the really big light is what they needed to see the stitches.

Adam laid down and got upset with the big light. I had my sunglasses, score! The first stitch came out no problem. The second stitch was in the scab a bit. Adam took the first one like a champ but really didn’t want the second one out. I am very proud of him because  he calmed himself down with his breathing and despite wanting to fight, he let the nurse do what she had to.

I was expecting the whole ordeal to be way worse. Adam cried about 3 tears in total and was very quick to run out of there.

The cut had healed nicely, he might not even have much of a scar in a few years. 

What is even better is my kid is back.

He’s been laughing and playing. He’s been outgoing and obnoxious all day. It’s a whirlwind of energy that has been missing all week.

It could have been way worse then it was.  Two little stitches is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

In all fairness to a 4 year old it was a big deal.

All conversations have turned to the fact that the ladies dig scars. Doesn’t Adam know this yet? We all kept bringing up one name.

Harrison Ford

One day Adam might just appreciate it if he has a little scar.


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