This Means War

First let me say I love cats.

Even my evil horrible cat I love.

But when your cat comes into my garden and starts to eat my plants and uses it as a litter box – IT MEANS WAR!

We live in a condo. There is very little outdoor space that is ours exclusively. Most of the area is common and shared.

I don’t have an issue with this arrangement.  Most people are very respectful of the rules and each others space. Then others are clueless.

So I sprinkled cayenne pepper around the areas I didn’t want the cats. When we went for a walk and came home and the cat was sitting on my air conditioner.

Brian and I spent the morning researching options from sonic noise makers and sprays to natural options. I put all sorts of lemon out but decided to try a lavender plant.

Many sites say the strong smell of lavender repels cats. It’s not poisonous to them. Now other sites say that in small amounts it will attract cats.


So hopefully the plant is big enough, it smells great and at least the placement of it will prevent the cats from sitting on my air conditioner.

Maybe they will find another garden and person to annoy.


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