Do Not Open This Book


This looks like a great book doesn’t it? That is why I borrowed it from the library.

Well to be honest I couldn’t tell you.

I tried to read it but I got in trouble from Adam.

Because it says “Do not open this book”

According to Adam if I break the rules bad things can happen.

Despite trying to explain that it’s just a book he would only let me get to page 3 which said it was a safe page.

I think Adam flipped through it because he said I would let all the monkeys out if I kept reading.

But I like monkeys!

So in the end my book choice resulted in a near meltdown and I have been asked by Adam to take the book back and get a different one.

I’m not quite sure at the moment that my child’s insistence to not open the book is a parenting win or fail.


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