Hike Around The Pond

Yesterday morning Gramma, Adam and I headed out for a hike around the pond.

The pond isn’t too far of a drive away from where we are. It is truly a beautiful hike. It is a total of 3.3 kilometers or a little over 2 miles for my American readers.

Adam was our hike leader and did he work us hard!


We were lucky to see a ton of creatures in their natural habitat.

The turtles love to sun themselves on the logs.


The turtles posed for their closeup.


Adam wanted to use my camera to take pictures. He took a great one of Gramma and I


We were surrounded by tons of different dragonfly’s and they are so beautiful. I was quick enough to get a nice picture of a Widow Skimmer (thanks to Gramma for identifying it)


Down the trail we came to the frog pond what was full of Bull Frogs. They make the oddest croak in the forest but they were fun to try to hunt down and see.

IMG_2850 IMG_2833

On our last part of the trail we saw some huge carp. It was a tad funny because just moments before we passed several people who were fishing and catching nothing. Imagine catching one of those guys!


The whole hike took about 2 hours. It was great and we were all sweaty when we were done so it must have been a good workout! Adam says he would love to go back and hike it again. He kept stopping and saying it’s so beautiful. It makes me so proud that he can admire nature and appreciate it.

We need to work on getting Adam to slow down. He was scaring off many of the birds, even though he saw a bunch of blue jays, the chipmunks ran so fast. Next time we also need to get bug spray because I was eaten alive despite using Skin So Soft. It isn’t as effective as it once was.

We’ll have to go for another hike there, and show Adam the many other treasures around where we live.


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