The Pencil Killer

My current project is a pencil killer –


This project is called an accounting simulation. However in the world that does computerized everything it must be done completely manually. No computers involved. Flipping through papers, going through pages. Following very poorly written directions and so on. So maybe this is simulating real life.

After spending months on this project which is due in a month, I started over today. I just looked at the clock and over 5 hours have gone by since I sat down. I am hoping that my numbers come out a little better then the last attempt because I can’t keep taking a beating like this.

I have also taken on a new opportunity which is really making me feel incompetent. I am a smart person but if I knew then what I know now I may have passed on the opportunity.

The challenge of bookkeeping is being a numbers investigator, finding the errors and fixing them. Making them balance and so on. I can do that!

I have told Brian I am going to jab my eyes out with this little pencil to put me out of this misery. That would make it a killer pencil. . .

I am going to keep working on all my projects and opportunities because I know that feeling when I get it all figured out will be euphoric.

And I guess worse case is I fail my course and get fired from my opportunity.

Worse things can happen in life right?

In the mean time everyone send me good vibes for a correct trial balance!


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