The letter I had been waiting for came today with the result I expected –

Enrollment Rejected.

I knew I would be rejected but it still stings.

What frustrates me the most is on their website they offer a student membership however they will not consider you for membership until you are working full time as a bookkeeper.

Those who are or have been students know that working full time and doing school is hard. In today’s economy many places don’t want to invest in a full time bookkeeper.

Right now in my life working full time for someone else is not an option.

So despite working part time in a bookkeeping role, plus what I do on the side and being a student it’s still not good enough for them.

Too bad for them. They have lost my membership. There is actually another association the Canadian Bookkeepers Association which welcomes students and those striving to improve and gain experience in the field. They have several different levels of membership from a student member all the way to an intermediate level with over 10 years experience required.

Being a member of an association is not required however it shows that you recognize best practices and are willing to put in the professional development to continue to grow.

It also means that if one day there is ever a decision to regulate bookkeepers being a member of an association gives you an advantage.

So I’ll take this rejection and let it roll off my back.

This is not the first rejection I’ve had and it won’t be the last.


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