Mom’s Day Off

What does a Mom do with a “day off?”

I was faced with that scenario on Saturday. Brian was gone for a two day fundraising bike ride and Auntie Robin offered to take Adam for a sleep over which gave me an afternoon and night to myself.

Time to myself. . .
What the heck is that?

What should a Mommy do?

Well this Mommy –

Went for a pedicure


Oh LA la and it felt so nice!


Then I went shopping in the stores I wanted to shop in. Without being distracted by my child or husband. I spent a lot of time in Michael’s Craft Store and did some serious damage. Maybe I shouldn’t shop there alone.

Then I picked up dinner and headed home. I promised myself I would not do homework and guess what I ended up doing –

In all fairness this project has been a pain in my butt and knowing the house was empty and I was guaranteed not to be disturbed I decided to break the promise to myself.

I did however follow it up with a nice facial.
Remember Cherry Merry Muffins? This facial reminds me of the chocolate one. It’s a little too sweet for me but it is amazing for the super oily skin I have.

After a nice long shower I headed to bed.

A bed all to myself. The air conditioner set to sub-artic temperatures. The fan blowing on me alone.

What a great night sleep that was!


I followed that up by laying in bed and watching the sun rise and hoping for some birds to visit.

The morning concluded with a huge breakfast with all my favourites.

It was a great day off! As much as I love my boys and the quietness of the house was eerie I need time for me, a good night sleep and some quiet.

Maybe I should kick the boys out of the house more often.

Because I don’t do that stuff enough!

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