A Better Day

It’s amazing how good days that you don’t work are.

My house was clean because of a group effort yesterday. So this morning when we woke up it was anything goes.

Adam after breakfast wanted to go what we call “the secret park”. It’s not really a secret but it’s well hidden so many people don’t know about it.

We packed a lunch and off we went.

Adam played for hours with a group of daycare kids who were there. We breaked for lunch and some swing fun.


Then we were back at it when everyone was done lunch he found himself back with the daycare kids.

We spent a well deserved afternoon of playing video games.


Adam after dinner didn’t want to go get some fruit with me so he went to Gramma’s for a little visit.

At the end of the day when I put him to bed I ask what is his favourite part of the day and I ask what part of the day wasn’t so good.

His least favourite part of the day was when it took me so long to find the video game system. It was in the basement and I had to dig a bit.

His favourite part of the day was making smoothies with Gramma because they had strawberries, and banana and yogurt.

Hey wait a minute. . . Our 3 hour picnic and park excersion was trumped by a 1 hour visit and smoothies with Gramma.

I guess I can live with that.

My favourite part of the day was not thinking about school work or going to work and just being the Mom I want to be everyday.


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