So I may sound like a prude by the end of this blog but today I’ve had enough.

I’m tired of seeing your underwear. I’m tired of people in black tights wearing them so tight that they are pulled to the point I can clearly see your bright pink underwear. Or your your white tights with black underwear.

Is this the new thing? Have I missed a memo?

Don’t get me wrong, I am the proud owner of MANY pairs of tights. I get it, they are comfortable, the breathe and move, but I cover my bum. I wear black underware with my black tights, white or patterned tights – guess what colour the underware is.

I have no problem with skin showing but the girl in the bikini today with barely her nipples covered and a tiny beach cover up, you’re in a children’s clothing store. Is it too much to ask that you dress appropriately for shopping in such a store? If we were at the beach I’d have no problem with what you were wearing. In my store – just a little bit.

And big girls, there is nothing wrong with being big but trying to squeeze into a medium shirt when you are clearly a 2X is not right. I am a big girl, you can get nice clothes that fit appropriately.

I am sure I have made my own fashion mistakes. I LOVE my yoga pants and sweatshirts. And I hope that even though I am not always the most put together that when I bend over my pants aren’t so sheer that you can see my undies or that my shirt is 3 sizes too small.

I hope that people see I have put at least some effort and consideration into what I put on before I left the house.

I am begging my fellow ladies to do the same.


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