I’ve been apologizing a lot latley. Mostly to Brian and Adam but also to many people.

I apologize for:
– being tired
– being stressed
– being overwhelmed
– working too much
– not being available
– not getting things done
– forgetting things

And the list goes on. I apologize to myself for not giving myself enough time, not relaxing, not living up to my own standards.

In all honesty I have to stop apologizing because this is life right now.  I am so lucky however. Those around me understand. When the messages come in to get together and when I can’t there is always an open invite for when I have time. There are many people helping me in various ways to manage my workload and help me get things done. There are people who will listen to me vent, hold me when I cry and laugh with me when I forget to wash my hair.

Maybe it’s just the Canadian in me.

We apologize for everything.


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