Trying to Quit

Today I tried to quit one of my jobs.

I wrote up a great resignation letter. I left it at work and waited for the phone call this morning.

Well 24 hours later and I’m still employed. . .

What the hell?!?!

One of two things happened:

I’m the world’s biggest push over or I’m just so darn good people are willing to do almost anything to keep me.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. I have gone to quit, said this is the reason why and boom, I ask for it and suddenly I get what I want.

I kinda compare it to throwing a professional fit.

So my plans aren’t quite going the way I thought but hopefully because my requests will be accommodated I should be a lot less stressed.

Or I might just turn around and get fired. But I’m ok with that because remember, I wanted to quit anyways.

So much for trying to clear some stuff off my plate.  I guess I am going back to my original plan and working until December at this job.

At least the extra money is good and feeling in demand is a little nice.

And in all honesty it’s not the job itself I hate. It comes down to the scheduling and the work life balance I am after.

Things will all work out eventually and one day in the not so distant future I will quit this job and my resignation will actually be accepted.


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