Need I say more?

Lego is amazing. It was one of my favourite toys as a child and as an adult I’m probably buying and playing with it way too much.

Adam has inherited Brian and I’s love for Lego. We’ve already had to upgrade our bin to a larger one. This one however we can build stuff and put it in without disassembling it.

Today we have quite a bit activity going on in “New York City”. I’m still building his huge tower but we’ve been working on it for a while. We went out this morning and got some road plates, something I have wanted for a while.

As Adam said “our city is sooooo awesome!”

I agree with him.


We seem to have a slight situation around the Porta – potty.


And it seems the Penguin is back in town.


Disco lady is getting her car fixed.


And hotdog guy is off to work.


Really this must be Times Square with the charters that are appearing.


There are many more shenanigans going on. And the beautiful thing with Lego is tomorrow there will be a completely different story.

Legos may be expensive but they are always the best money that I spend!


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