Christmas Shopping

Yes I said that word –


And yes I have started my Christmas shopping. Every year it is starting earlier and earlier.

The philosophy in past years was to be done by December 1st. This is because working in a big box electronic store kills your Christmas sprit and spending all day helping people shop the last thing you want to do is well go to a busy mall and shop.

Working retail really brings out the worst feelings about a season that was always my favourite. My favourite movies, favourite music and favourite feelings just sitting beside the tree on a snowy day and sipping some cider or hot chocolate.

This year Brian and I started discussing it and decided we are going to do a little shopping here and there leading up to Christmas. Spreading it out doesn’t hurt as much financially and I think it will reduce the stress.

Last year boxing week I started to pick up things. Some things were marked down 70-80% off and they don’t go bad so when I opened my box of stuff from the sales I found gifts for people and boom I’m done. I watch my e-mails and sales and have gotten some great deals the past two months and have started to piece together gifts.

The other great thing is the gifts I have discussed with people they will likely forget about by Christmas and it will be a surprise!

So call me crazy but when everyone is scrambling to do their shopping I will be done, baking cookies and sipping hot beverages.

What are your tricks to reclaim the magic of Christmas and reduce your stress?


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