How have we never gone here before?

Yesterday my Mom came over and said she wanted to treat us to a day out.

Clovermead is an Apiary and Adventure Farm located near Aylmer Ontario.

I have driven past it several times but have never made the stop. Now I’m kicking myself that we hadn’t gone sooner.

There are a ton of activities including playgrounds, sandbox, mazes and the list goes on and on. It was entertaining for parents and children alike.

I think our favourite was the goats. We could feed them and pet them. Mom was even sharing her quarters with all the other kids so the could feed them too.


What the heck is Adam doing?


Oh just feeding the goat on the barn!


Adam loved feeding the goats that were up high.

He also loved –


The pedal cars.


The jumping pillow.


And French fries and Slushies!

Adam after lunch was running, fell and did a number on his knees. He wanted to go home and in all fairness there was a bit of blood and I imagine they hurt.

He went through a few minutes where he thought yesterday was the “worst bad day ever” but soon after he started to remember how much fun he had and decided it was a pretty good day after all.

Thanks for taking us Mom! I enjoyed myself and Adam did too.

We will be going back soon! And if you are within driving driving distance I recommend making the visit.

Check out their website at


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