Hey Kid – Can You Stop Talking?

Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the conversations we have. I love your imagination and the things you say but sometimes I wish you would just stop talking.

You are giving me a headache.

40 minutes straight you talk without taking a breath. Life is now like I have a narrator following me around and the voice is not a soothing one like Morgan Freeman.

When we play it goes like this:

soyourguypicksuphisswordthenyourguyhitsmyguybutthenmyguyhitsyourguyandtheybothfalldownandthentheybothgetupbutyourguyrunsawayandmyguyshootshislaserandhitsyourguyandnowhesfrozenandwontcomeunfrozenbutthenmyguyunfreezeshimandthenhitshimagainbutthenanewguycomesandjumpsoverthemanduseshisthrustersandthen. . .and then. . . and then

It never ends. Then when he takes a breath he gets upset that you have interrupted him or he was trying to say something or that you aren’t listening to him.

Or then he spends the whole 30 minutes at the park explaining all the things he is doing and doesn’t actually play.

I am now trying to teach that he needs to listen as much as he talks, because that is something he isn’t doing and I can’t get a word in edge wise.

I know I will miss the noise when he starts school again, the silence will probably be deafening.

But some quiet for a while will be nice.


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