Long Weekend –

This long weekend sucks.

The last long weekend of the summer. School starts on Tuesday and I am working the whole damn thing.

Well I have Monday off because the store is closed.

Friday night – yep work until 9:30PM
Saturday – 12-6:30PM
Sunday – 12-6:30PM

On the plus side I’m not working late on Saturday and Sunday but the shifts are right in the middle of the day. Sure I can squeeze some errands in the early morning but making it to anything I’ve been invited to around dinner time is not possible.

I was also suppose to be working 6 days in a row but due to one of the worse anxiety attacks I’ve ever had I took yesterday off. I ended up sleeping for over 13 hours straight so that gives you an idea of physically how bad it was.

Thankfully the hours at the store will be cut back and I’ll have some time to breathe and hopefully I won’t be working every Saturday and Sunday.

The kicker was I tried to quit and Saturday was supposed to be my last day.

Maybe things will be slow and I’ll get sent home early.

Ha! A girl can dream right?

I hope everyone who is lucky enough not to work enjoys this last long weekend of the summer. Give it a long kiss goodbye for me!


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