Spring Cleaning

Ok so technically it’s still summer and we’re a few weeks away from fall but I am finally getting around to my spring cleaning.

I have a small window between my last two courses ending and my next two beginning that I have one less thing on my plate and can use my usual study time into cleaning.

Don’t get me wrong the toilets do get cleaned however probably not as often as they should and the floors do get cleaned again not as often as I’d like.

But you know the explosions of things that happen in life. The papers, the clutter and the wiping of the cupboards.

Yes those thing are what I have been tackling the past few weeks. I’ve purged and organized the closets and cupboards on the top floor. Dusted and cleaned. It’s all so pretty.

Today I have been working on the main floor. I’ve come to the conclusion that things will be better and cleaner then they were but not 100% done. Windows and frames, blinds and ceiling fans won’t get touched. But the life explosions are organized and all ready to be over taken again by papers from school and things that I just don’t have time to deal with.

I have the living room to tackle and then my office. . . My poor office. That is a blog in itself.

Oh wait, you say today is a day to rest? There is reasoning to my madness.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. If I get it all done today, tomorrow when Adam goes to school and Brian goes to work I strategically took tomorrow and Wednesday off.

Cleaning done, empty house. That means some Mommy time to rest and relax.

I must take advantage of this time while I. can.

My next course starts in 1 week from today.

So however you are spending your labour day I hope you are enjoying it!


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