Holy Helicopter Parenting Batman!

I have never seen anything like this yet, and it makes me scared for the future.

Most of the parents of the JKs won’t let go of their kids hands, they won’t let them stand in line by themselves, quite a few of them escort their kid into the school to make sure they get into the class and the mob the teachers the second they open the doors.

Parents – do your kids a favour and step away from them. Many parents are wondering why their children at the end of the second full week are still screaming and crying and refusing to enter the school.

Well you have not given your child the independence and confidence they have needed to walk through those doors on their own.

And I am tired of hearing at least 20 kids out of the three classes scream and cry at the top of their lungs because they don’t want to go.

No I get it, it’s not easy to let your child go. Put their care into the trust of the teacher but it’s something you have to do. It is something the children must learn as well. It’s ok to be away from Mommy and Daddy, it’s ok to be independent, it’s ok to try and fail, to get hurt and cry.

You can still stand 10 or 20 feet back and see your child. You can still make eye contact and have a little signal, that you can send to each other to let them know you are still there watching.

After two weeks of school I am scared and feel sad for these kids. Letting your kids go doesn’t mean that you don’t love them. Letting them go SHOWS THEM YOU LOVE THEM.

Thankfully a few parents have also said the same thing to me, I’m not alone in this observation.


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