Dear Stephen Harper

I’m going to break my personal policy about discussing politics on here but today is a new day.

Dear Stephen Harper,

First let me begin with I have never really liked you. I haven’t been able to agree with many of your policies and I have many friends and relatives who gladly supported you. I may not agree with them but I respect their opinions.

I wanted to thank you. Not for your 10 years of service because personally I don’t think you did as good of a job as you could have but for pissing off an entire nation.

Your actions resulted in the highest voter turnout since 1993. You triggered one of the longest election campaigns in Canadian history. I think maybe you expected to outlast and wear down your opponents but this worked against you.

I saw people who never took an interest in politics before suddenly perk up and realize they could make a difference. You started long discussions and even disputes between many but for once instead of people not caring about what was happening they started to listen, research and decide that our country after 10 years needed a change.

I saw a line up at the advance polls, I watched the polling station near my house busy at all times. I had people ask how they can register and vote because suddenly they realized that only by voting could they make a difference and have a say. I watched people split their viewing between the Blue Jays and the results.

If a Liberal majority is the right and best choice for Canada I’m personally not sure but the majority has spoken. I have my reservations but what we were doing wasn’t working and as a country we went with our next best option.

I’m sure this wasn’t the outcome you wanted but it was the outcome we needed.

Good luck with your future move and possible job search, I hear you are stepping down as leader of the Conservative party.

And thank you for pissing off so many people. Without that change never would have happened.

That is the beautiful thing about democracy.



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