I have not blogged in almost a month!

I expected things to calm down when school started again, but silly me also started school and things are just crazy.

So I’ll update you on life –

Jobs – I’ve been working two jobs consistently. One job has been jerking me around and the other I love. I tried to quit the one job that I am really unhappy with back in September but was begged to stay on so I did and it is something I seriously regret. Despite “being such a valuable employee” my hours have been cut and the company is changing an awful lot that I do not agree with. I have started to apply to some other jobs which I can make a lot more money in a short amount of time. The other job is fantastic, frustrating at times but fantastic. I laugh a lot and have full flexibility over when I work. There is another opportunity which has been presented to me and of course I’m jumping all over it.

School – I started my LAST TWO CLASSES  in September. Add two courses to juggling two jobs and yep it’s stressful. But finally after 3 years of work I will have accomplished something. I am doing well in both.  Again one course I love and one I hate. I am loving the payroll administration course and am going to continue working towards being a Payroll Compliance Practitioner. Because who here loves getting paid? I know I do. On the flip side I am hating the Managerial Accounting course. Despite hating it I am doing well.  I have midterms next week so maybe that doing well thing will change. I just need a pass and I will be happy. Granted I would like to finish with a 4.0 GPA.

Business Launch – I know my business isn’t going to be booming overnight but some things I had planned are not going well as I had planned. I spent the better part of two weeks working on getting startup funding with no luck. It’s frustrating and it drags you down. When launching a business there are certain things you need to start to make money.

You can’t start making money until you spend some money but you can’t spend money until you start making it.

This will not be the failure of my business. Everyone who I have presented my business plan to has commented on how well I am prepared, how well I have planned for the success of the business and everyone believes that I will be successful. Nice but if you could put some money behind it that would be fantastic.

Life – Adam is doing fantastic and loving being back in school. I spend as much time with him as possible when he’s home. He was sick over Thanksgiving weekend and we are still dealing with residual sickness. Hence suddenly the time to blog. When you are sitting up all hours of the night there isn’t much else to do.

Life is crazy, I’m trying to get some books read as well to blog about and knock a few more off my to read shelf. The trees are changing colours and I love this time of year. We had a little taste of snow and the way Adam’s eyes lit up I can’t wait to make our first snowman.

I’ll try to blog more often but I make no promises. There is so much I want to blog about in a week but so little time.

I’m trying not to blink because I am afraid I might miss something!


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