Happy Birthday Adam!


Dear Adam,
     Do you remember this night? No? To be honest it’s very blurry to me too. This was our first full night together. You were only in this world 24 hours at this point. You were crying and I held you close. Then I dozed off and got yelled at by the nurse because I could have dropped you. That much I remember.

We’ve made it 5 years and I haven’t seriously injured you yet. You have done it without my help. Stitches and bruises, x-rays and sickness. You are a boy and I was warned.

You are such an awesome kid. I am told almost daily how kind you are.  You missed a day of school and were greeted with many kids saying “Adam, I missed you yesterday!” Your heart is so big and you bring everyone into it.

You melt my heart when you give me a look and say “Mom, you are the best!” And even more when you cry because you are so happy. It’s usually over the smallest thing too.

I sit and watch you and wonder where my little baby went. But I look again and discover I have this fantastic boy beside me who I am so proud to call my son.

Happy Birthday my dear Adam.

Mommy & Daddy love you so much!



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Adam!

  1. Happy Birthday sweety from South Africa and Little Boeta.

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