The 51 Day Turnaround Plan

I have 51 days to turn things around.

I am two courses away from my bookkeeping certificate. This is something I have been working on for 3 years.

3 YEARS! So much time studying, sacrificing and working to pay for courses because I don’t qualify for any student funding.

I am failing one of those courses.

The midterm marks came down. I know I did bad, so many people said they are sure I passed. I got 33%. Not even a respectable pass. That is a full out, embarrassing fail.

I haven’t spent enough time studying. I am working so much that I have had about 6 hours a week to dedicate to the two courses. Apparently that isn’t enough.

Now for the excuses – well it’s just one. In 3 years I have taken 12 courses. Out of these 12 courses all the instructors have allowed for some sort of reference, be it a text-book, notes or a reference or “cheat sheet”. This instructor allows nothing but a pencil, eraser and calculator on the desk.

If I had my text-book when I blanked on this equation:

Y = a +bX

Y= Total mixed cost
a = Total fixed cost
b = Variable cost per unit
X= Level of activity

I would have been ok, or at least maybe squeaked through with a slightly higher fail.

Many might be reading that and thinking, that is a pretty easy equation, but when I look at the text-book it looks and feels like french. Which I didn’t do well in but I at least passed.

Also on the assignment that is worth 15% of our final mark there is a note. This is the direct quote “Note that applying factory overhead on the basis of machine hours is not something you have done before in this course.” Say what. . . .  in a project that is worth 15% of our mark we are required to perform applications we have not seen in this course?

I have spent a long time pondering if I should just drop the course. I would lose my money. If I keep at it and fail, I lose my money.

Maybe, just maybe I can somehow manage to pass.

The final exam is on December 21st.

51 days – lets see if I can make this happen.


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