My Home Office

Since I do a lot of work from home I always wanted a nice home office.  In my basement I have carved a little corner where I can be productive.


This desk was a steal from Costco. It took days to build but it was so very worth it. There is enough room to spread out. I have a lot of “I’m dealing with” stuff piled up against the wall so it’s more full then normal.


I have one little cubby with all of my to read books. They are guarded by my friends Anger and Sadness and then of course Wonder Woman. I must say the designers got it looking just like me!

I have a candy bowl for those late night study sessions and my incredibly well stocked supply drawer. If you need it, I have it in there.

This space is one that when I sit down I feel like it’s exactly where I belong. If I’m having a bad day I can sit there and shake it off or I can work and produce awesome things.

Since it is the basement the rest of the room leaves a little to be desired but I’ll deal with that in the spring. There needs to be some serious decluttering and getting rid of some items.

This space will be a key to my success running my business.

I love this space and am so happy it has turned out the way it has.


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