One Wet Child

It is a windy wet day here.

My child arrived to school soaked.

First he’s in shorts. Well its not cold out and I take full responsibility for that. Turns out he has no clean sweatpants.

I guess I should have done laundry yesterday.

Now the soaking wet part is his fault. I had to fight with him to get his boots on. I opened the door and showed him how hard it was raining.  Finally with a threat he put them on. He insisted he didn’t need his rain jacket or his umbrella.

Well then fine –

You’re going to learn the hard way that maybe Mommy has some wisdom beyond your years.

So off to school we went. I was prepared with my rain jacket and an umbrella in my bag. The gusts of wind make having an umbrella hard today.

Adam has nothing more then his sweatshirt on. I suggested he zipped it up.

After about 30 seconds in the rain he thought that was a good idea.

But boy was he soaked when he walked into the school.

The teacher and I laughed because Adam will learn that just maybe he should wear a rain jacket.

Once he got his sweatshirt off it didn’t seem to bug him being wet.

And in the end it’s just water and he will dry out.

Now for me I’m just going to end up being a hot mess when I get to the office. There is no way I can use my umbrella downtown today.


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