The “C” Word

I am going to say the C WORD


I apologize to those I have offended.


20151106_190852_resized (1)

Sorry, that horrible word to some just keeps slipping out of my mouth.

Actually the North Pole exploded in my basement but for a good reason. I picked up so much in January that I forgot what I had and I had to take inventory. There were things I completely forgot I bought. There were little things that I was able to add to gifts to top them off.

And the first day to we are technically allowed to put up outside decorations is November 15th so I am preparing for that too.

I am trying to get my Christmas shopping done before December 1st. Out of the past 12 years I have worked 11 retail Christmas seasons. The one I missed was because of maternity leave. Thank You Adam!

I am also trying to get all the gifts wrapped so I can enjoy December. Without the stress of shopping or worrying about Christmas gifts. I am very close to being done too.

I think there is an extra level of excitement for me because I will not be worried about the hours I am working and missing out on family time. Those who have worked in retail but eventually left know that excitement I am referring to knowing what you are missing and that you aren’t going to have to deal with it.

So for those who haven’t been paying attention Christmas is 47 days away.

Start now and you can enjoy the season too!


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