The Year of F.A.I.L

The end of the year is here and for the past month and a half I have been missing from this blog.

I finished the year with a large crash. It wasn’t necessarily a bad year but it was the year of failure.  At the same time it was a year of success.

Is it possible to succeed and fail at the same time? What I know is that at the end of this year, I am mentally exhausted.

On the career front, things were a success. I was presented with many opportunities to spread my wings. I spent the beginning of the year preparing taxes and found myself working as a bookkeeper in the summer. I was able to finally quit my retail job and am focusing my efforts on what I have been studying for the past 3 years. I did a small soft launch of my business.

On the flip side of this, all of the opportunities created a situation where I was juggling 3 jobs at a time, working sometimes 6 days a week and it took its toll on me.

I also committed to myself to complete my bookkeeping certificate this year. I was on a roll until I started my Cost Accounting course. Also known as Managerial Accounting. This course was the hardest one I have ever taken.

This ended up being the last course I needed and I failed.

I am trying to remind myself that a fail just means First Attempt ILearning. Thankfully, I can continue to work and grow in the field I want to create my career out of and the next time around I will blow this course out of the water.

When it comes to the rest of my list that I set out at the beginning of the year, I failed at accomplishing pretty much everything on it.

My 2015 achievement list. See the original post here explaining things.

  1. Complete my Accounting or Bookkeeping Certificate – NOPE
  2. Hit the Gym 4 Times a Week – This was another one I abandoned for a few different reasons. I cancelled my gym membership way back in April. I wanted to continue and miss going but I just couldn’t make this a priority.
  3. Take Adam to LegoLand Discovery Center – Because I started a new position just as the summer began it was hard to break away for a day trip. 
  4. Read 10 Books – Somehow I managed to complete this! I tried to escape into books, I didn’t get around to blogging about them all but I am happy to say I did read quite a few good books, and learned quite a bit. 
  5. Write 1 Thing a Day in my Happiness Jar – This again didn’t happen. I am thinking of a different approach to this idea and may reveal it early next year. 
  6. Have 1,000 views on my blog in one Month – It’s hard to get readers when you don’t blog. I just didn’t have it in me to put the time into the blog.
  7. Finish Disney Vacation Scrapbook
    I finished this on February 10th! Read about it here!
  8. Finish 2010 Scrapbook
  9. Start and Finish 2011 Scrapbook
  10. Start and Finish 2012 Scrapbook
  11. Start and Finish 2013 Scrapbook
  12. Start and Finish 2014 Scrapbook
  13. Start and Finish 2015 Scrapbook
  14. Finish Adam’s First Year Scrapbook (October 2010-October 2011)
  15. Start and Finish Adam’s Second Year Scrapbook (October 2011-October 2012)
  16. Start and Finish Adam’s Third Year Scrapbook (October 2012-October 2013)
  17. Start and Finish Adam’s Fourth Year Scrapbook (October 2013-October 2014)
  18. Start and Finish Adam’s Fifth Year Scrapbook (October 2014-October 2015) The scrapbook list just continues to get longer, one of these days I’ll manage to get caught up. I have been so bust that I have not been taking as many pictures as I usually do, as the years go by the scrapbooks should get easier. At least I hope!

This year has tested me mentally. It has been a year of ups and downs, but I feel as if having a year like this can may allow me to refocus and work on things that are important and put things into perspective. 

I have my health and I have my family who have been wonderful and supportive of me this year.

I am sure there are some very deep life lessons that have been presented to me this year and I think some more reflection and time will make these lessons much clearer and will help me find success next year.


One thought on “The Year of F.A.I.L

  1. Next year will be 1000x better !

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