The Two Year Hunt

Two years ago for our trip to Disney I bought a beautiful point and shoot camera. I have 3 batteries for it and many memory cards. These memory cards also work in my DSLR so you really can never have enough.

When we returned for the life of me I have not been able to find the charger for this camera. I have sparingly used it and finally drained all the batteries.

I have gone through every cupboard, camera bag, purse, crevice and all of Adam’s stuff. I could have sworn I charged the batteries in the time since we have returned but I can’t find the charger.

I’ve been considering just biting the bullet and going to buy a universal charger that will charge that camera and my waterproof one.  I know however the second I go and buy said charger I will find the one I own.

Last night I asked Brian if there is any possible place he could think of that the charger might be that I didn’t look.

Did you check in the luggage?

Why would it be in the luggage? I had kept the camera stuff together I thought. For some of the trip I thought it was in Brian’s laptop bag with all the other chargers.

Well no I didn’t check in the luggage. Nor in the almost 2 years since we have been back had I even thought about that.

I went and put a load of laundry in the wash and looked at the suitcase. It’s worth a shot.

The first pocket I open I found not only the charger to my Canon camera but the charger to my Olympus camera, a very nice leather case for the Canon camera I forgot I owned and an awesome flexible tripod.

YES! Best day ever! I have many times over the past year wished I had this camera but had to settle for blurry horrible pictures on my phone or taking my big DSLR.

This little discovery has just made my day! Maybe even my week.

Why the heck did I not think of looking there before? That was the only place Brian suggested to look when I asked last night.

Awesome work Brian!


Age of Discovery

Whoever said the twos were terrible must have had a devil child. There have been tantrums and crying as we’ll as the testing of boundaries however I am really loving this age.

This is the age of discovery and learning. I could sit for hours and watch Adam use his imagination, or discover something new.

I love how our walk today in the park was actually a jungle adventure. There were monkeys in the trees and we had a dinosaur chase us. There was a moment when Adam had to be a Power Ranger and save me from the bad guy.

Then there were these moments –



How could you not love this age and the pure joy in the eyes of a child who has a caterpillar crawling all over their hands.

Splash Pads


Splash pads are a genius idea. We are lucky enough to live in a city where there are an abundance of splash pads, wading pools, indoor and outdoor facilities. There is a splash pad less then a two minute walk from our front door. Last year we didn’t take advantage of it but this year we might.

It was the unofficial start to summer this past weekend so to kick off summer Brian, Auntie Robin and I decided to take Adam for a picnic. We decided to go to the largest splash pad in the city. We sat and had a picnic dinner then Adam decided to wander over to the area where there were a ton of kids and lots of screaming.

Adam’s eye caught a waterfall and he decided to investigate that. As he was making a bee-line for this the water fountains came on and scared the heck out of Adam. We tried to entice him closer however as interested as he was the fear was too much to overcome.

Brian pointed out little fountains up on the hill that feeds the waterfall that Adam was so enthralled with. We headed up there and let him play with a little fountain that wasn’t working properly. Then we were able to convince him to play with a larger one.

Adam whacked that water like a whack a mole game. Then when the water stopped he counted down thinking that when he was done counting it would start again. He always was so excited when it started again. Surprised over and over. We compared him to Tom Hanks in Cast Away when he made fire.

He was so proud of himself for making the water spray up.

It was a great way to kick off “summer” and an awesome way to cool down because boy was it hot here!