The Elf Issue

Over Christmas there were a lot of articles and opinions on how Elf on the Shelf was a horrible thing to have in your child’s life. There were articles about it causing anxiety and pain, teaching kids to live under big brother, making them paranoid.

In our house we love Elf on the Shelf. He’s a friend who makes us laugh and has silly adventures. This year he also found a friend named Skoob.

Their adventures included:

Building a marshmallows tower –



Taking baths –


Performing dangerous stunts-


And bringing Adam little surprises and activities to keep him entertained –



Adam frequently talked to Elf and Skoob despite the fact they don’t talk back. And sometimes they would leave notes to let Adam know they were listening to what he said.

Then came Christmas Eve. Just before bed Adam started to cry. It was a genuine sad cry. He had a wonderful day and was on his best behaviour the whole day so I was confused. We started talking and he was so sad that Elf and Skoob had to leave with Santa. He was going to miss them and he loved having them in the house.

This is where as a mother your heart just breaks.

So when Adam fell asleep and Santa arrived before they left Santa let Elf and Skoob do something very risky.

He let Elf and Skoob give Adam a hug. He took a picture and before they all left they did a craft leaving the finished product on the shelf where Elf and Skoob often sat.


Christmas morning Adam woke up and started to cry. His heart was crushed, he knew that Santa came but Elf and Skoob were gone. 

He found the photo and was so happy but so sad at the same time. He looked at it and cried and then asked me to put it away.

I figured this would pass and he quickly found happiness again once the picture was put away. I assumed that he would forget missing these guys and they would reappear next Christmas as they always do.

Boy was I wrong. Every day Adam asks for the picture and looks at it. He looks so sad when he is looking at it. Sometimes the bottom lip quivers but he usually doesn’t cry.

Now I feel like a horrible Mom.

Maybe Elf on the Shelf does cause some deep down emotional scarring that will cost me thousands in therapy to repair.

But then I tell myself that these emotions that Adam is feeling and dealing with are actually a good thing and maybe this is an excellent thing to be experiencing.

The fact is he’s going to have to deal with death and loss, he’s going to have to deal with someone important not being around and having to remember them in pictures.

This may not be something he has to deal with this year or next but recognizing this feeling of loss and sadness are a fact of life.

So maybe that is an extreme comparison between Elf and death, and Elf comes back, but maybe in the end Adam will end up being a better person for it.


Our Friend Elf

Our Elf of the Shelf is creatively called Elf. I need to stop letting Adam give names to things because the fish in his room is called Fish. And the hamster was Named Adam, then Robot and now he’s been Ryder for a while.

Anyways our friend Elf is a pretty boring Elf on the Shelf. He just jumps around from shelf to shelf. The odd time he finds friends with him so he plays with a toy but not much really happens.

One thing he does do is brings many surprises for Adam. He brings things like Christmas Pajamas and the Advent calendar and sometimes little toys.

This morning Adam made a request of Elf. When he discovered his Power Ranger Socks didn’t fit him any more and he seems to be running low on wearable socks he went up to Elf and asked “maybe you can bring me some new socks.”

How can one deny such a simple request. Adam was so cute about it. So somehow I don’t know how Elf did it but when I went out this morning he was busy.


There is a little extra surprise that Elf seems to have brought too.

That Elf sure is a nice guy. I can’t wait to see Adam’s face when he come home. His reactions are always fantastic.

A New Tradition – Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf. I had seen it in the store but didn’t know what it was about. My Mom said Adam had to have it and she made it happen. On December 1st we adopted our nameless Elf and started a new family tradition.

813gEPxVyeL._AA1500_The story behind the Elf is that he comes from the North Pole and watches over your child during Christmas. Every night the Elf goes back to the North Pole and reports to Santa if your child has been a good child or a naughty child. When he returns from the North Pole in the morning he is in a new place watching over things. I’ve read that this is excellent incentive to motivate the kids do things like brush their teeth or keep their room clean. Adam is too young for that in some ways so it’s more just a game of hide and seek now. He knows that the Elf is Santa’s friend and talks to him. We’ve not named him yet because we want Adam to name him, right now he’s just Elf Shelf. Maybe that will end up being his name.

There are also some rules that go with this tradition. The children are not allowed to touch the Elf because it will take his magic powers away and Santa might forget about you. The Elf cannot speak however the children can speak to the Elf to give Santa messages. The Elf however can tell the parents everything that they have seen. On Christmas Eve his job is done and he will not be seen until next Christmas.

There is a wonderful book that goes with the Elf and he’s rather cute sitting on the shelf. You can also adopt a female Elf if you so choose. I am so glad my Mom said Adam had to have this because I think it will make a wonderful tradition for Christmases to come.

I highly recommend this to everyone as a family tradition.