The Two Year Hunt

Two years ago for our trip to Disney I bought a beautiful point and shoot camera. I have 3 batteries for it and many memory cards. These memory cards also work in my DSLR so you really can never have enough.

When we returned for the life of me I have not been able to find the charger for this camera. I have sparingly used it and finally drained all the batteries.

I have gone through every cupboard, camera bag, purse, crevice and all of Adam’s stuff. I could have sworn I charged the batteries in the time since we have returned but I can’t find the charger.

I’ve been considering just biting the bullet and going to buy a universal charger that will charge that camera and my waterproof one.  I know however the second I go and buy said charger I will find the one I own.

Last night I asked Brian if there is any possible place he could think of that the charger might be that I didn’t look.

Did you check in the luggage?

Why would it be in the luggage? I had kept the camera stuff together I thought. For some of the trip I thought it was in Brian’s laptop bag with all the other chargers.

Well no I didn’t check in the luggage. Nor in the almost 2 years since we have been back had I even thought about that.

I went and put a load of laundry in the wash and looked at the suitcase. It’s worth a shot.

The first pocket I open I found not only the charger to my Canon camera but the charger to my Olympus camera, a very nice leather case for the Canon camera I forgot I owned and an awesome flexible tripod.

YES! Best day ever! I have many times over the past year wished I had this camera but had to settle for blurry horrible pictures on my phone or taking my big DSLR.

This little discovery has just made my day! Maybe even my week.

Why the heck did I not think of looking there before? That was the only place Brian suggested to look when I asked last night.

Awesome work Brian!


The Happiness Jar Project

In January I stole an idea from a friend to do a happiness jar. Every good thing that happens to you, you write down and place it in the jar. Then on New Years Eve you open the jar and read the good things that happened.

For my first year doing it I didn’t do too bad, I also didn’t do fantastic either. I love this idea and am going to continue it next year. One of my goals will be to have one thing for everyday that made me happy, so this time next year I can write a list of 365 things that happened that put a smile on my face.

I don’t have nearly that many this year but I should. It’s been a hard year but so many things, even little things made me smile.

Jan 2 – Bypassed the line at the passport office and was in and out in 10 minutes and 37 seconds
Jan 4 – Adam discovered the Xbox Kinect and we played the Sesame Street game
Jan 19 – Fit into a dress I bought 5 weeks after Adam was born
Jan 19 – Danced the night away
Jan 26 – Mom & Dad had a nice dinner and a birthday cake for me
Jan 27 – Mom and I went birding and for a nature walk
Feb 3 – A surprise 30th birthday party for me
Mar 13 – Rode the bike for 30 minutes and didn’t die – YEY ME!
June 1 – Went shopping stateside and bought a FitBit Flex
Aug 20 – Finished my accounting course with 92% and 4.2 GPA
Aug 25 – Stephen gave me a ticket to see Matchbox 20 and the Goo-Goo Dolls
Aug 27 – Anthony Wiggle followed me on Twitter
Oct 18 – Robin came and cleaned my house for me

There were so many other things that happened this year like coffee with the Wiggles, a special Christmas with family, Thanksgiving, finishing my courses with a 4.1 GPA for the year. I could go on and on with good things from the year. It has been a challenging and exhausting one as well however opening this jar made me remember all of the good, and small things that happened. I didn’t write about every one I written down because that will be my challenge for next year.

Take a moment as the year comes to an end to remember all the good times, the little things like your child saying “I LOVE YOU” and appreciate that it is these little moments of happiness that bring us a wonderful full life.