Winter Finally Came


Baby it’s cold outside.

We’ve been really lucky this year actually. After two brutal winters and a ton of snow and the coldest winters in history we have gotten off pretty easy for the first part here.

December we spent most of the days in our spring jackets, there were even a few days I didn’t even wear a coat to work.

We haven’t even had any snow.

So this cold snap and what little snow fell on the ground made for awesome sliding conditions.



As much as I don’t like driving in the snow. I do love playing in it, I love watching Adam play in it and laugh so hard.

Unfortunately it was so cold he only had about 20 minutes to play before I made him go home.

The sad part is there is another “heat wave” coming and I feel like the snow will be gone again.

Maybe we will get one good snow fall this year.


Canadian Patio Season

On Saturday I took initiative to set up my patio. Adam loves to play in his sand table, I sit beside him with an ice tea and a book. Even Brian will join us out there.

I love my deck and sitting on it. All winter long I think of all the time spent out there, and the grassy space behind. Falling asleep out there at the end of a long day or sitting in the sun when it’s the hottest.

As the winter wraps up it is being called on of the longest and hardest we’ve experienced in 20 years.

It’s no wonder we’re eager to ditch the layers of clothes and put those flip flops on.

On Sunday Adam was outside in a T-Shirt, I had my flip flops on and Brian in his shorts.

This morning we wake up to this –


Welcome to Canadian Patio Season. Apparently by the weekend we’ll be able to put our flip flops on again and enjoy this space.

Apparently it’s almost over but we’ve been hearing that for months now.

This hopefully is the last blast. If not we’ll have to make the most of it and sit on the patio in our snowsuits.

Hot spiced cider anyone?

We Found Grass!

I has been a search that has been going on for 5 months. We thought the time would never arrive but we found grass.

We have may found grass but it’s still cold – like I can’t feel my butt cold –


Despite it being so cold we decided to go outside for a little bit. Adam suggested one thing that many people are biting at the bit to do.

We pulled out the golf clubs.


We had to find a good tee off place to being and then the games began.


This wasn’t your typical game of golf. We had many additional hazards such as snow banks and ice sheets. There was also a very large barking dog that was impeding play. Overall for the first round of the season it was well played.

I am beyond happy we have found grass. If we can just get these temperatures up into the positive our days will be filled with fun things like golfing, soccer, baseball and who knows what other games Adam and I will create as we go.

There was a robin in the tree while we were playing. That is a good sign. If Mother Nature would just put her foot on the accelerator and stop being a Sunday driver it would be much appreciated. >

Dear Warm Weather

I call mercy! I need the warm weather and I need it now.

Really I need it to come for Adam. Usually our days are filled with adventures and fun. Playing in the snow, going for walks even just a picnic on the step.

I can take the snow it’s these cold temperatures that are giving us the beating.

We’ve not been able to go outside often an when we have it’s been for short 30 minute stints before we stop feeling our appendages.

I also feel bad because well things cost money. And since we can’t go outside going inside to play costs money in some form. Going to the library downtown would be exciting but there is the cost of bus fare and waiting outside for the bus to come. Maybe I’ll splurge and go to the Children’s Museum, oh wait it’s closed on Mondays. Looking at the drop in programs, great there are some free one but crap, they start in an hour an we won’t make it there in time by bus.

I long for the days where we get up take our breakfast on the deck and play in the sand, kick the ball around or play in the pool with some buckets and water.

I miss the days of walking to the park or walking up to the grocery store to get milk (which I’m out of and also am considering taking the bus to get.)

I’m not asking for balmy temperatures nearing the 30s. I would just like anything above negative at this point. It’s feeling like -20 right now (or -4 F for my US counterparts).

So dear warm weather, please come soon, we miss you and will embrace you the second you come.

A Confession

I have a confession. This morning I made a huge discovery and realization.

I don’t like the nice weather for the reasons I should.

I LOVE the nice weather because my house doesn’t get so dirty as quickly. In turn making less work for me and then ultimately making me more relaxed and happier.

Yesterday was a perfect example and I didn’t dawn on me that most summer days are like this.

We ran errands in the morning and made it home by 10:30. We played out front with chalk, then we went onto the deck and played with bubbles and with water. We even ate lunch outside in the sun. From there is was right to story time and nap time.

I did a very good cleaning of the main floor. Because it was a disaster zone after the weekend.

We picked Brian up from work and when we got home Adam wanted right back outside. He played on the deck while dinner was made. We ate dinner inside then spent the next hour and a half outside walking. (There may or may not have been a Popsicle treat in there)

We came home and it was right into the bath, cuddle time, story time then sleep.

This morning when we came down the main floor was clean. No leftover toys to pick up. No clothing scattered everywhere as Adam stripped. Just a clean main floor.

Today it is damp and cold again. I’m waiting for it to start raining so we can pull out the umbrellas and rain boots and go splash in some puddles.

It’s so much easier to keep things clean when we’re not in the house!