Winter Finally Came


Baby it’s cold outside.

We’ve been really lucky this year actually. After two brutal winters and a ton of snow and the coldest winters in history we have gotten off pretty easy for the first part here.

December we spent most of the days in our spring jackets, there were even a few days I didn’t even wear a coat to work.

We haven’t even had any snow.

So this cold snap and what little snow fell on the ground made for awesome sliding conditions.



As much as I don’t like driving in the snow. I do love playing in it, I love watching Adam play in it and laugh so hard.

Unfortunately it was so cold he only had about 20 minutes to play before I made him go home.

The sad part is there is another “heat wave” coming and I feel like the snow will be gone again.

Maybe we will get one good snow fall this year.


My Stand Against the Cold

I’m tired of this cold weather. Yes we get one nice day here followed by a cold day and its such a tease.

I’ve never appreciated the spring as much as I do now. With an active two year old I long for those days where we would spend all day running round outside. I’m actually a little stir crazy from this winter which seemed harsher then normal.

In my battle against the cold I decided to get my deck set up this morning. It gave Adam a chance to rediscover all the outside things we put away in the fall and maybe we could entice the nice weather to come.


This year after winter the deck didn’t look too bad. When the snow melts we usually find a bag or two of garbage that was missed. Sometimes we find boarders like deer mice or a stash of nuts hidden by a squirrel.

This morning was actually very productive. Not only did I get the deck set up and cleaned off a bit but I also cleaned out the garbage container which was on my list last year and I never got there and I got a jump on my gardening by pulling up all my dead plants and emptying my small planters so they are ready for plants.


Now when I look outside I feel optimistic that the nice weather is on its way and not depressed with the feeling that I won’t get to curl up with an ice tea and a book in the afternoon.

Even Adam has the right idea.


My front isn’t looking bad at the moment either but I’m going to focus on the inside of the house for the rest of the day. I made the mistake of looking at the long term forecast for this week.


What do you mean rain all week and snow on Friday? Well my attempts may be futile however whenever the nice weather decides to get here I’ll be ready for it.

Our Nature Adventure

As I’ve mentioned before my Mom has been doing a Little Big Year in birding. I have gone out with her before as I have mentioned here. Today we made the trip to see the Tundra Swan Migration which was amazing to see. The amount of swans and the noise they were making was comparable to being at a sporting event. My Mom tells the story of our adventure at her blog My Little Big Year. Her site has many of the photos I took so I won’t be repeating them all here. But I have chosen to share my nature ones and a few birding ones as well. Please check her blog out.

These adventures are always filled with laughs and honestly we probably look like two crazy ladies pulled off on the side of the road. One with binoculars and the other with a camera. I hope we can continue to go out together because we make a pretty good team. I am learning more about birds from my Mom and seem to be always looking for them and I also get to go out and play with my camera too, which I don’t do enough of.

So for you enjoyment a few pictures from the day.


The Tundra Swans flying in for a landing.


Some bird which of course I can’t remember the name but I am proud of the picture! My Mom has the name here! (I was listening to you but a lot happened between now and then.)


A very cool branch along our walk.




This was on the beach, it was the end of an approximately 12 foot tree that had washed up. I have more pictures of the tree but I’m saving those for a different day.

It was an enjoyable mid-day with my Mom. I can’t wait to do it again. I also can’t wait for Adam to get a little older because I think he will love these adventures we go on.

Memo to Old Man Winter

Dear Old Man Winter,

This letter is to inform you that you have overstayed your welcome and are being evicted.

Effective immediately you must remove all of your belongings and leave the premises.

Your cold and snow has begun to cause problems in the neighbourhood and for the benefit of the others living here this course of action is required.

I believe that this is just a brief misunderstanding because we didn’t have issues like this with your departure last year. According to our records you allowed Miss Spring to take over the premises and to enjoy 22 degree Celsius temperatures. Unfortunately your frigid temperatures and dusting a of snow have outlived their welcome.

I have received a fax from the Easter Bunny and he is delivering a bike in a week so the upmost urgency is required in the situation.

Please re-submit your application for residency next fall and at that time we will be happy to consider you again for residency but not until that time.

Shannon on behalf of
The People Who Are Tired of Winter